Full Circle Equestrian Center
Overbrook, OK
WE HAVE MOVED!!!  We are now located in Southern Oklahoma, just 40 minutes from Gainesville, TX, 20 minutes from Marietta, OK and 30
minutes from Ardmore, OK.   Our focus is still on Foundation Training for the Horse AND Rider. We offer:

* Basic Horsemanship Education
* Beginning Riding Instruction
* Foundation Training for your horse
* Riding and Training Clinics
* Horse Rental/Lease/Sales (Brokerage services available)
* Equine rescue and rehabilitation

Renee Ilse, a John Lyons Certified Trainer, is here to help you with any issue you may have, either in working with or riding your horse.


Renee attended a 6 month certification program with John Lyons and his son, Josh, in 2001.  The certification program included 4 3-week
visits to John's facility in Parachute, Colorado, with 5-week intervals between each session to work on and improve techniques.  To learn more
about the John Lyons Certification Program, check out his website at

Renee also became a CHA Certified Level 2 Western Riding Instructor in May, 2002.  This involved attending a 4-day clinic where a Master
Instructor evaluated her riding, horsemanship and teaching skills in order to award certification.  To learn more about CHA (Certified
Horsemanship Association) and their programs, check out their website at

Training and Riding Instruction Options

Renee offers training in several different formats.

* Teaching YOU how to work with and train your horse with regular sessions
* Bringing your horse to Full Circle Equestrian Center for starting and/or tuning up

Riding lessons are also offered in different formats:

* Regular, one-hour sessions at Full Circle Equestrian Center, using one of the center's horses
* Regular, one-hour sessions on your own horse, either trailered in for the lesson or boarded at
Full Circle Equestrian Center

We also have training clinics when we can fit them in.  Check out our
Events page...


OVERNIGHT BOARDING!  We have stalls and turnouts for travelers, along with a few spots available for those with living quarters.  Tents are
also welcome, and motels within a few minutes of our facility.  Conveniently located just 10 minutes west of IH 35 between Marietta and
Ardmore, OK!

Brokerage Services

We also offer brokerage services for those folks that don't have the time or facility to showcase their equine for sale.  Each horse has been
ridden and/or worked with by us, so that we can honestly inform you of their attitude, temperament and abilities.  Not every horse is for every
person, and we work very hard to insure that the match is a good one.  Be sure and check out our Sale pages to see what's available today!
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