Full Circle Equestrian Center
Overbrook, OK
I have had the opportunity to rescue a few horses over the last few years.  Here's the story of a few of them.  Some I wasn't able to fix, or I was at least able to make their last days more
comfortable.   See the Rainbow Bridge...
Winston is a 30 year old
gelding that had gotten
really down.  He also had
scratches really bad on
his legs, which took a
while to heal up.  Again,
he was given an easy diet
for old folks, and look at
how he turned out!
This is Precious.  She was 25 when I bought her at the auction, skinny and
definitely underfed.  ALL WE DID was feed her, basically.  Of course, she got
regular care, hooves trimmed, dewormed, etc. but all she needed was good
food.  She now has a great home where she does occasional trail rides for a
wonderful beginner adult.
Star - 26 year old appaloosa mare.  There was a posting on Craigslist about
horses needing help.  I replied to the poster and got more information, then
went to check it out myself.  Yes, there was a mare there that needed some
serious help.  All the others looked ok, or not nearly as bad.  I knew there had
to be a story behind her, so got contact info for the owner.  He was actually a
very nice man that just had no clue how to care for older horses, and thought
he was doing all he could for her.  He allowed me to take her and try to help her
recover.  She had a vet visit and appears to be in pretty good health except for
the weight.  She needs her teeth floated, but she's in no condition for that right
now so we'll be looking into that in a few months.  For now, she's just being fed
all she can eat....
What a difference a little time and
some good food makes!  Star left to go
to her new home, and she's not the
same horse as when she got here!  
She's happy, and definitely on the
road to a better life.
Grandma (also known as Dixie) -
approximately 30 year old mare.  Her
owners didn't know how to care for her
in her old age and almost let her die
before she came to me.  It's been a long
road, and she looks tons better now
than she did when she got here!  
Imagine her looking like Star above....

Grandma has no teeth left so needs a
special diet, but will make some child an
excellent partner when she's better.

Update:  Grandma in April 2008.  Looks
much better!  Actually took my 8 year
old grandson on a trail ride last
weekend.  She was tired, but enjoyed it!
This is Cricket.  I bought him at the
Seguin auction in October 2007.  He
was skinny and scrawny.  Brought him
home and a family soon contacted me
about wanting a nice little pony.  They
took Cricket home, and look how he
turned out!  Had his teeth floated, put
on a good diet, took care of all his
needs, and he looks great!  He turned
out to be a bit more horse than their
son wanted, so he's going to be a
lesson horse for my more advanced
students now.  Update - Cricket went
on to another child and she loved him
till it was his time to go.  Cricket was
very loved by all he met....
This is Rescue Rose when I got her in April 2007.  She came with 2 other
mares that were about in the same shape.  Rose went to a foster home for a
year and came back looking wonderful!  Teeth floated (that seems to be the
problem with a lot of older horses), a good diet, shots and regular wormings
help put the horse back in good health.  She's spry and alert.  Doesn't appear
to be broke to ride, but sure seemed interested in my stallion so we'll see!
On the right is Dudley, aka Decidedly Phenomenal, came to
me Feb. 12, 2010.  His owner called and said he had a poor
horse and didn't know what to do with him and would I please
be willing to take him.  These pics were taken the day I picked
him up.   He had been beaten up by another stallion and was
so sore he didn't even have the desire to find food.   He had
been standing in the same place in the pasture for 3 days.  He
barely had the strength to get in the trailer, and for several
days all he could do was stand there.  He had a good appetite,
though, and within 2 weeks he had changed dramatically.   Not
physically, that is going to take a long time, but he has spirit
again now and is moving around his pen.  He is no longer
standing still and drooling - he is going to make it.  Dudley is
an 11 year old stallion - this poor boy has had a hard life
already.  I will do my best to make his remaining years much
more comfortable.
Prospector is a 20+ year old gelding that came to me Jan. 2010.  He had been
purchased at an auction - the folks just couldn't leave him there.  However, they
had no idea how to help him recover so they asked me if I would be willing to take
him.  He's been here nearly 2 months and has improved drastically.   New pics
coming soon!
On the left is Prospector after 6 months.  
It takes a while for some of these horses,
but look how good he looks now!
This is Dudley 6 months later.   While he still needs weight, he's happier, more energetic, and
as you can see, much improved.  He's a work in progress - still improving each day.  But he is a
far cry from the near-dead stallion that arrived in February....
Above and right - Myah, a coming-on-3 y/o qh mare.  
She has deformed front legs that bow in.  Not sure if
her joints are going to be able to support her for riding,
but may be ok for a leadline pony or companion.  Very
sweet horse!
had not been trimmed in a long, long time.  Could not stand for very long - was in a
lot of pain.  got her trimmed and found an abcess in her right front foot, and the hoof
wall was pulling away from the foot in the left.  it is going to be a long process for this
mare to recover.  These pics were taken Feb. 6 2011
Above - 10 y/o qh mare (left) and 15 y/o TB mare (right).  These mares were
bought at the auction 10/5/11.  I paid $2 and $3 for these horses - they were
strays found in Bexar county.  Although severely underweight, they appear
otherwise healthy.  Bad scars on Sweetheart (TB), looks like she got tangled in
a fence at some point in time.  The hooves on Baby (QH) are bad and the farrier
will be working on her to get her feet back in good condition.  Will post new
photos when they start improving.